Gluten Free Popovers

gluten free popovers, sourdough discard recipe

Gluten Free Popovers (also called Yorkshire Puddings outside the US) are a light and airy baked pastry with a crisp exterior and a tender, hollow interior. Serve sweet or savory for a delicious treat.

Ingredients Needed to make a Gluten Free Popovers

To a large mixing bowl add the room-temperature eggs and whisk until light and airy. Slowly add the warm milk to the eggs and mix until combined. The mixture should be frothy.

Slowly add the dry ingredients as well as the sourdough discard to the wet ingredients and keep mixing until a smooth batter has formed.

Transfer the popover batter to a liquid measuring cup, large enough to hold one quart. Allow the popover batter to rest at room temperature for at least 25-30 minute.

Once the oven and popover pan are preheated, fill 2/3 with the gluten free popover batter. Return to the 450F oven and bake until golden brown.

Remove the popovers from the oven and allow them to sit in the pan for a minute or two. This will help them with their structure. Then remove them from the pan and serve.

The light and airy inside of  Gluten Free Popovers

Get the recipe for Gluten Free Popovers via the link below.